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Your first 10 wild mushrooms

With so many mushroom species it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you have to learn to identify all of these before you can go mushroom picking? The simple answer is no - of course not.

The approach we'd suggest is to concentrate on just a few of the more common and most easily identified species first. Treat everything else as suspicious for now. Once you'd had a bit of experience collecting these and you're confident in their identification then start to expand the list of what you're searching for.

Here are our suggestions for a list mushrooms those new to mushroom foraging should hunt for. These are all good edible mushrooms that are common in most areas and not easy to confuse with anything poisonous.

  1. Penny Bun Bolete / Cep
  2. Chanterelle
  3. Parasol Mushroom
  4. Bay Bolete
  5. Wood Urchin / Hedgehog
  6. Shaggy Inkcap
  7. Fairy Ring Champignon
  8. Field Mushroom
  9. Giant Puffball
  10. St George's Mushroom