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Collecting Wild Mushrooms

Legal aspects of picking wild mushrooms

Aspects of the law which impact on wild mushroom collection.

Safety code for picking wild mushrooms

How to stay safe when out picking wild mushrooms.

What to do when mushroom collecting

Once you've arrives at your chosen mushroom foraging location what next?

What to take mushroom picking

What equipment to take with you when foraging for mushrooms.

When to look for mushrooms

When is a good time to go looking for mushrooms.

Checking and cleaning your mushrooms

What to do with your mushrooms once you've got them home.

Where to look for wild mushrooms

Where are the best places to go looking for wild mushrooms?

Identifying wild mushrooms

Visual characteristics of wild mushrooms

A description of the standard mushroom identification features.

Habitat of wild mushrooms

Features to note about the environments in which you find mushrooms.

Smell and taste of wild mushrooms

Using smell and taste to help identify mushrooms.

Spore prints

How to take the spore print of a mushroom and how to use the spore print to help in mushroom identification.

Other Mushroom Articles

Your first 10 wild mushrooms

Our suggestions for a list mushrooms those new to mushroom forging should hunt for. These are all good edible mushrooms that are common in most areas and not easy to confuse with anything poisonous.