mushrooms foraging guide Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

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Eating notes: Wild Raspberries are sweet enough to eat raw when fully ripe. They can also be used in cooking anywhere that you might use cultivate Raspberries. Raspberry jam, vinegar, coulis, etc.




Very Common


The wild version of the common garden fruit is a native British plant.

Height: 120 - 160cm

Leaves: 3-7 leaflets on a stem. Growing in opposite pairs with a single terminal leaflet. Each leaflet is spear-shaped with a toothed edge and pale down on the underside.

Flowers: Small 5-petalled white flowers growing in small drooping clusters.

Stems: Generally upright and single stemmed (through they can branch). Stems are green in there first year and grey/brown when older. Raspberry canes have fewer and less robust spines than a Blackberry.

Fruit: Wild fruit are often slightly smaller and are a paler red than cultivated varieties.