mushrooms foraging guide Collecting Wild Mushrooms

In this section we look at the practicalities of collecting wild mushrooms. We try to answer the what's and the how's; the when's and the where's of mushroom collection.

There's quite a lot of ground to cover here, so we've split this section down into a number of pages:

Checking and cleaning your mushrooms

What to do with your mushrooms once you've got them home.

Legal aspects of picking wild mushrooms

Aspects of the law which impact on wild mushroom collection.

Safety code for picking wild mushrooms

How to stay safe when out picking wild mushrooms.

What to do when mushroom collecting

Once you've arrives at your chosen mushroom foraging location what next?

What to take mushroom picking

What equipment to take with you when foraging for mushrooms.

When to look for mushrooms

When is a good time to go looking for mushrooms.

Where to look for wild mushrooms

Where are the best places to go looking for wild mushrooms?