fruit_nuts foraging guide Elder (Sambucus nigra)

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Edibility:Edible Good

Eating notes: The berries of the Elder plant are mildly poisonous when eaten raw - so always cook them.
They have a good fruity flavour, but also have a large number of small hard seeds. For this reason it is usually sieved Elderberry juice that is used in recipes. Elderberry cordial, Elderberry jelly, Elderberry wine are all popular uses.




Very Common


A common bush of waste ground, parks and hedges. Even in urban areas you shouldn't have to walk too far to find some Elder.

Height: 3-6m

Leaves: The leaves have 2 or 3 sets of opposite leaflets tipped by a terminal leaflet. Each leaflets is arrow-shapes with a finely-toothed edge. The plants are deciduous.

Flowers: Many large sprays of tiny 5-petalled white flowers. They have a distinctive sweet rich smell.

Stems: Elders grow as large bushes or small trees. The bark is grey-brown cracked and corky.


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