fruit_nuts foraging guide Beech mast (Fagus sylvatica)

Beech mast (Fagus sylvatica) 968 Beech mast (Fagus sylvatica) 969 Beech mast (Fagus sylvatica) 970



Eating notes: Beech Mast can be lightly roasted and salted as a snack. It is also possible to grind and press them to make Beech mast oil.




Very Common


The Beech is a large tree very common in British woodland.

Height: up to 40m

Leaves: Oval-shaped with a defined point. They grow alternately along the branches on short stems. Lightly downy when young, becoming larger and smoother with age. Noticeable straight raised pale veins on the underside.

Flowers: Small hanging pompoms which appear in the spring with the new growth.

Nuts: The nuts of the Beech tree are commonly known as Beech Mast. The rough brown fruit ripen in the autumn and split open to reveal 2 triangular -section nuts around 2cm in length.

Other: Beech tends to prefer well-drained chalky soils.